Plotting The Road

((Viebeck, 2 YSTR))

Tolkyn watched as the lad wisely sheathed his blade before leaving. He too felt much of his stored anger slip away as the crowd began to disperse. With a weary sigh, he rubbed the nose of Shield. The pony gave a noise of content, staring at him with his big, brown eyes. What now, Shield seemed to say.

"I don't know," Tolkyn said to himself. With another sigh and wincing of his bruises, he fed the horse some grain before heading into the tavern.

Inside, pipe smoke hung at the ceiling as the sounds of drinking and conversation mumbled all around. Some patrons turned to glance his way, eyeing the dwarf with distrust. Others held him in amusement, having witnessed the interrupted fight. He paid heed to the distrustful glances as he sat at the corner table.

Tolkyn pulled a map from his cloak, looking upon the marked paths and eyes zeroing in on the ones he knew were not marked. The Inquisition definitely had been unexpected. There was something new brewing yet he was left much in the dark. Casting his thoughts aside, he plotted his next course. Radogast was a choice but one that possibly put him back in the sights of the Inquisition. Haven was closer but was too close to the border. The Dalen capital, however, was a good place to hide even though it was further away. Unless the Inquisition wanted to launch a full-scale invasion, they would be hard pressed to catch him there.

Rubbing his head, he raised a hand to call for food and drink.


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