A bump on the road

---- Five Miles From Lorcan's Farm, 2 YSTR ----

Their journey had been relative uneventful and now the sun has set. Archer had been updating Thalia as to what had happend at the court during her absence, making it clear to her that there were a lot more to be corrected than she had predicted.

Suddenly they could hear the sound of the nervous horses, the wagon was brought to a halt and their driver calling out to someone in the dark. Thalia paused during her conversation with Archer and listened. Something was deffintly wrong. There were a few screams, but they soon died out.

Without consulting Archer about how to deal with this situation Thalia got up and calmly stepped out of the carriage.

On the road in front of her there were a dark figure saying [i]"You have now returned to the land in utmost turmoil. Yet what remains for you to rule stands upon the precipice of destruction. What will you forfeit to save those you cherish?"[i/]

Ignoring the mans question Thalia nonchalantly walked up to the horses and calmed down before addressing the stranger. "Who are you and what have you done to my chauffeur?" her eyes were cold and her voice full of authority as expected of one with her status, not that she expected the stranger to know for sure who she were.

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