Dialogue Of Masters

"Who are you and what have you done to my chauffeur?" her eyes were cold and her voice full of authority as expected of one with her status, not that she expected the stranger to know for sure who she were.

And yet he did and was not cowed. She was powerful, surely; her elven longevity and ancient connection with the First Elves made her and any who used their time wisely in study were rather powerful in the Art. But she was not him, for he had walked the earth long before she was ever born.

"I am the one who has not the patience for those who do not understand the words of masters," he replied. " You should know, Queen Thalia", he continued, "for there are a great many reasons you do not confide in others.

Gelt stared at Thalia. She had calmed the horses but still gave him a stare that spoke volumes of resistance. "You know who I am as easily as I do you, Your Majesty," he said to her. "Dispose of all pretense. It does not suit you. Your actions have changed the land but the land does not answer you. Now change will crush all those who have not the strength. I wonder if you possess the will you had against the lycanthropes."

Her face made him chuckle. He had certainly hit a nerve. "I sense your fury, your anger. Yet, you control it. Very good, that temperance will be needed."

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