Can I keep him?

Lorcan simply nodded in response, his eyes still on Gareth, trying to remember where he had seen this man before.

Despite his best effort Gareth couldn't possibly get further away and his only way out was blocked by Enanth and Lorcan. "Please don't, master Enanth... I just need a minute to myself, that's all..." he looked at Enanth, begging him not to come closer. It wasn't that he feared that he might bite him, but he was afraid of how Enanth would react if he found out about his true nature. Of course Enanth had only shown him kindness so far, but that might all change. After all the likes of Gareth were demanded by law to be executed due to their 'dietary preferences'.

Lorcan watched as Enanth approached the nervous Gareth when he suddenly remembered. It had been years ago, but it was the mans eyes that gave him away. Last time he saw him was the day he bought Tancred. That day Lorcan hadn't had enough money to buy a hybrid like Gareth. But now, if he played his cards right, he hoped he could buy him from Enanth (as he simply assumes that Gareth's still a slave).

He wrapped a small piece of cloth around his finger to stop the bleeding and took one step closer to Enanth "I think I know what his problem is and it might be unwise to get any closer". Lorcan looked calmly at Gareth then back at Enanth "I have one back home with an almost similar condition. If you'll let me, I would like to buy him and bring him back to my place where I'll be able to give him the help he clearly needs.".

This made Gareth turn to look at Lorcan, too shocked to even find the words to protest.

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