Pieces In Place

Gelt watched as they readied themselves, chuckling as they passed. They left their driver petrified by the road. They wished to forge ahead without a boon, so be it. He heard the shimmer of magic behind him and did not need to turn. The call of a single shard of red stone tied in a pendant around the neck had him already knowing who was there.

"Have you finished your task?" he spoke without turning, still watching the queen's carriage.

"As you commanded, my master," spoke the female behind him. "The Verden Inquisition now lays ready. Though I fail to understand -"

"It is not your care to understand," Gelt replied darkly, turning to face her. Her dress robe was bare at the shoulder and cut deeply down past her bosom to reveal several tattoos along her chest and arms. Upon closer inspection, these were not tattoos but scars etched into her otherwise smooth skin. They were drawn into several runes, their meaning arcane. "It is your care to not fail me ," he finished.

The woman bowed, the pendant of red stone dimly catching the overcast light. She dared not beg forgiveness, she had seen what had happened to those that did. As for Gelt, he stared intently at her. So be it that the Queen of Dalen had chosen her path. Let those that followed pay the same for her. All the pieces were in place and if she would not accept power, then he would find one who would. Finally he spoke to her, setting forth everything that had taken a century prior preparing.

"Quest to Nargozond. Await me there and summon our ally. It is time to collect what should not be. "

"And what of the Circle?"

He glanced through his mask at her and forgave her inquisitive mind. She was one of many that sought power in the secrets he had. That he had taught her the magic she was now using should have put to rest any want for more at least for the time being. Still, the Mortith was at the forefront of his mind as was her.

"I will break them."

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