Not As Sneaky

((Viebeck, 2 YSTR))

The dwarf nodded as the serving wench moved on. He wasn't looking for a fight in the least. But the boy certainly caught his attention. After finishing his ale with several deep gulps, he began to pick his way to the lad.

Being trained as a Weapons Master meant not only acquiring proficiency in all manner of killing, magical and mundane, but also required delicate foot training. After all, sometimes stealth was the best weapon of all. He was not as sure-footed as an elf, but could definitely outmove humans and near-equivalent.

"So," he start while sliding into an empty seat at the table. "A man who has insulted my horse in such a hurry to leave here is once more here." He noted the surprise at his sudden appearance. "Not as sneaky as you thought, if you wanted to avoid attention. If you were so keen to leave, boy, why make such a fuss in the first place?"

He peered into his face, clearly seeing it through the gloom. Thank the gods for darkvision!

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