Dangerous Potential

It had been almost a century since he had casted his first longevity spell, in that time he had most things no longer surprise him. He had the time to know about many things, all manner of subjects to the point that ability was known, weaknesses understood, and his judge of manner and character was honed to a razor edge. But it came to this moment and Enanth was rarely, uncharacteristically, caught off-guard. The flash of fangs and subsequent bout of violence from Gareth had him frozen in his surprise only for a second. A second that Gareth used.

As he roused himself from that surprise, the young master pulled back his head. Enanth had seen the look of a vampire before and could read his body; Gareth poised to drink vitae from Lorcan with a savage sink of his teeth. Enanth had regained himself quickly though. He needed to control the situation before it truly got out of hand. A flick of his wrist produced a holly wand into his left hand.

"Stupefaciunt," he evoked with power. A red blast of spell struck young Gareth's body and flung him back into a shelf. The large repository of books was well rooted and did not tip as he lay stunned for a moment.

Enanth reached down for Lorcan. "Master Lorcan, are you well enough to stand?" When Lorcan replied, rubbing his neck where he had been grasped, Enanth continued. "Perhaps it is wise that you take your leave. As I had said, he is an associate of the Circle and has much to answer for."

Gareth had shaken off the stunning spell and was picking himself up. The mage did not let him regain his composure, instead once more calling magic. "Teneat hominem hunc," he evoked, this time the Weave once more wrapping around Gareth to hold him there.

"On behalf of the Circle of Dalen, I apologize for the excitement within this sanctuary," Enanth said, half to Gareth and half to Lorcan. "Now, Master Lorcan, I require your absence. I have much to say to you, Master Gareth."

The last part carried a lie that was well hidden with his commanding posture, he did indeed had much to say. But he suspected another reason why Gareth had chosen to steal Regenerative Potions the previous day. But such conversations were not held here, within the Grand Library.

He waited patiently.

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