Awaiting judgment

"Stupefaciunt," he evoked with power. A red blast of spell struck young Gareth's body and flung him back into a shelf. The large repository of books was well rooted and did not tip as he lay stunned for a moment.

Enanth reached down for Lorcan. "Master Lorcan, are you well enough to stand?" When Lorcan replied, rubbing his neck where he had been grasped, Enanth continued. "Perhaps it is wise that you take your leave. As I had said, he is an associate of the Circle and has much to answer for."

When Gareth finally left go of his throat Lorcan fell to the ground, gasping for air. However it didn't take him too long to recover and Enanth was quick to help him back upon his feet. Back in an upright position Lorcan was able to smile a little again "Oh yes, I'm quite fine, thank you. It's been a while since someone last tried to eat me, but I suppose he had his reasons.".

Gareth had shaken off the stunning spell and was picking himself up. The mage did not let him regain his composure, instead once more calling magic. "Teneat hominem hunc," he evoked, this time the Weave once more wrapping around Gareth to hold him there.

"On behalf of the Circle of Dalen, I apologize for the excitement within this sanctuary," Enanth said, half to Gareth and half to Lorcan. "Now, Master Lorcan, I require your absence. I have much to say to you, Master Gareth."

Lorcan smiled politely "Of course. I'll let you handle this from now on, just don't be to hard on the boy.". He turned to grab his books and leave, knowing that now was not the time to discuss this matter. Though just before leaving he stopped and looked back at Enanth, now with a much more serious gaze "However, we will be needing to discuss this incident sometime later tonight or tomorrow morning. Meet me at the 'Singing frog' as soon as you get the time.". Having said this Lorcan left the scene, crossing his fingers that Enanth wouldn't simply kill Gareth and thereby waste such a precious specimen, though he highly doubted Enanth would have the heart to do such a thing.

Gareth now completly unable to move and still a little rattled by the harsh, but necessary, treatment he'd just received didn't even try to fight back. He looked down and away in shame, awaiting his now uninveniable punishment, listening to the fading foodsteps of Lorcan leaving before speaking up "I know I have no right to ask you this but.. won't you at least make it quick?". Now that he was sure his time had come he might aswell ask if he could be killed as painless as possible, though he feared he might not be allowed to getaway with what he'd just done that easyly.

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