---- Dalen Archives, 2 YSTR ----

Enanth stopped, lowering his wand. "Make what quick, Master Gareth?"
"For revealing your true nature? The law does not tolerate those afflicted with sangunaire vampiris, true. And often not the fault of the one afflicted. Yet," he continued, guiding the young one to look at him. "Despite the fact you chose to enter a mage domain, despite the fact you could be easily discovered by the proper spells, despite the fact of what you did..."

The pause was unbearable but Gareth had no other option to stand and face whatever Enanth were going to do. Then something unexpected happened; the spell that was holding him was suddenly lifted. He couldn't understand and looked at Enanth with confusion.

"...you appear to be more than is seen. Not many have the willpower to retract their lust once brought to the fore. My spell should have only knocked you back yet you stand here calm, not enraged for vitae."

A few mages had heard the scuffle and came to investigate. They turned away when they saw the old man was handling it. Those that did not watched. Enanth could feel the eyes on him and he laid a hand on Gareth's shoulder. He visibly tensed as he did, but Enanth let his soothing voice come forward. He lowered it only for a second. "There are many, young Gareth, who cannot control what they have been forced to become. I sense much good in your heart." He then raised his voice loud enough to hear. "And let that be a lesson to you on how dangerous it is to lose one's focus! Now, come with me!"

For a moment Gareth simply watched Enanth leave, unsure of what to do. He was once more surprised by the mages way of handling the situation, with calmness and no immediate physical punishment. Then he quickly followed Enanth, eager to get away from the onlookers curious eyes. When he caught up with the mage he stayed close to him, avoiding to look at any of the people they passed.

When they reached Enanths room he felt a bit more at ease, though he still feared that there would be some kind of punishment. "Master Enanth I.. I'm sorry about my behavior but that man.. he just..." stopped himself from finishing that sentence as he could feel this mixture of fear and anger welling up inside of him once more. He took a deep breath before continuing "Look, I only returned to ask if I could have that book that I.. well, tried to get yesterday. I wasn't prepared to see this man, Lorcan, here. And that smell..." even the thought of it almost made his mouth watering and he spaced out shortly, but he tried to keep focus on his apology. He sighed "It just became too much... I always try not to hurt anyone, but.. sometimes it's just too hard to resist..."

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