Straight To The Point

((Tower of the Circle, Dalen Capitol))

When they reached Enanth's room, he felt a bit more at ease though he still feared that there would be some kind of punishment. "Master Enanth I.. I'm sorry about my behavior but that man.. he just..." stopped himself from finishing that sentence as he could feel this mixture of fear and anger welling up inside of him once more. He took a deep breath before continuing "Look, I only returned to ask if I could have that book that I.. well, tried to get yesterday. I wasn't prepared to see this man, Lorcan, here. And that smell..." even the thought of it almost made his mouth watering and he spaced out shortly, but he tried to keep focus on his apology. He sighed "It just became too much... I always try not to hurt anyone, but.. sometimes it's just too hard to resist..."

Enanth raised a hand, calmly motioning to him to be calm and silent. He walked to his bookcase, pushing aside tomes and different assortment of potions before finding a small red vial. He took it out and came forth with the vial in hand to Gareth. "Alchemical blood. Still not as potent as real blood but holding enough for a day." He turned after he took the vial from hand. "You picture yourself rightly so in a situation of mortal peril. The law is clear in statement, yet you also have not harmed to public view anyone by your hunting methods.

"Many unfortunate people have been changed into what you are against their will. I wish to give even them a chance to live in harmony. However, whatever happened downstairs is subject to a conclusion of personal histories, Master Gareth. I suspect many of the notable elite persons that we attend in these halls have far greater ulterior motives and even darker pasts. You I see plainly suffering the same. Who is it that forces you to wander twice upon these dwellings?" He ended, drawing his full height to Gareth. His fingers were steeped and his eyes piercing.

"Unless you seek some cure within those pages, as of which there lays a possible boon, you would not have need of it. You have no magic, of that I know," he gestured to his arm, revealing once again the arcane mark. Enanth sat upon his chair. "And only a fool challenges magic without magic. I ask you to help you. I see great potential within you, Gareth. You can become so much more than what you are now. But you must be willing to be helped."

He sat calmly in his chair as he spoke this. He waited patiently for his response, noticing he still held the vial in his hands.

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