Working on those burglary skills.

Mousvin stepped towards the front of the drawer, a thin sliver of light showed the gap he would need to exploit. He reached his tiny hand up and saw he could get his whole arm through up too his shoulder. That might be good enough.

Mousvin began to search the drawer for some sort of tool to help him get the drawer open. He spotted a short knife which he was able to pick up and carry over to the front of the drawer. Mousvin positioned the blade in the crack so the knife sat an angle the handle propped against the bottom of the drawer.

He took a deep breath and began to push on the handle with all his might straightening out the knife and prying open the drawer. At first the knife didn't budge but after a few few pushes it began to slide scraping across the bottom of the drawer, with a "Skrrrrkkk, Skrrrrkkk" Each time he pushed. Finally though the drawer was open a whopping two inches.

Mousvin rushed to the front of the drawer, stepping up on the screw that held the outside handle on he poked his head out and surveyed the room. It looked the same, no one had moved. Just Tancred stood watching the desk from his cell.

Mousvin dropped back into the drawer and grabbed the bronze key ring and began to drag it towards the opening. It was heavy but Mousvin was able to lift it, and he rather quickly managed to make it. He lifted with all his strength and let the ring get out over the edge of the drawer. Gravity took over and the key ring tumbled out of the drawer falling to the floor with a loud jangle.

Mousvin poked his head back out and saw the captive in the second cell was now looking towards him. He almost ducked back down out of sight then he realized the second giant was looking at the key ring on the floor. Mousvin was caught in the act, and was going to have to just make a run for it.

He pulled himself out of the drawer scrambling to climb onto the desk. He looked around quickly. The second giant had definitely spotted him now, but he was exposed and he had to move. He leaped from the desk and landed lightly on the ground. "What the hell?" The second giant exclaimed.

Mousvin snatched the key ring up, slinging it over his shoulder. He ran back towards Tancred's cell dragging the keys behind him.

"Hey!" The second giant shouted. "Some little rat is stealing the keys!"

"Crap, Crap, Crap!" Mousvin exclaimed trying to run faster towards Tancred. Right as Mousvin arrived at Tancred's cell door the door to room burst open. Karl stood in the door, fresh soup stains on his shirt. "WHO'S SHOUTING IN HERE!" he bellowed.

Mousvin ducked through the bars, the metal of the keys jingled against the iron bars. "You'd better take these." He said offering the keys up to Tancred.

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