Lets go already!

Tancred had ran off to the kitchen and was now rifling through it. Mousvin chased after him and found him standing there drinking wine.

"Alright, Alright." Mousvin hurried him along. "Lets grab what we need and what we can and lets get going," He looked around for valuables. "No need to linger."

Tancred looked down at the little brownie and nodded. The pair of them gathered food and a few of the more choice bottles of wine. They also managed to steal a small wooden box that had been stuffed with some precious gems. Upon lifting the lid and seeing the stones Mousvin had squealed with delight and almost tumbled over.

They took the stones and the wine and filled a satchel which Tancred hung on his back. Tancred scooped Mousvin up and placed him on his shoulder. Mousvin gripped Tancred Tunic and made himself a comfortable seat. "No birds going to be picking me off your shoulder." he chortled.

The two stepped out of Lorcan's farmhouse and now stood in the brilliant afternoon sun. It took a moment for their eyes to adjust but soon Tancred was sprinting down the dirt road leading away from the farm with Mousvin hanging on for dear life.

Tancred ran for what must have been five miles. Finally they reached a signpost that indicated a town another mile to the north. "What do you say friend?" Mousvin nodded towards the sign. "Care to see what's become of civilization?"

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