The Night the Music Whispered to the Lonely Hearts

---- In the basement of a slave auction house -Dalen Capital - Night ----

It had been a busy day.
Multiple people came to inspect her but all but one wanted a slimmer younger lady. This was okay for Tudi, it meant she could spend more time practising her music. Unable to leave this flimsy cell for days on end, her only solace came in the form of her last prized possession. An old cracked and beaten violin. The hired muscle looking after the slaves down here, almost took the violin from her during her first day. It took a lot of biting and a couple well placed punches but she manged to cling to it.

Like every other night she sat on her bed in the fetal position looking over every bruise with her violin laying next to her.
"We'll get out of here." She said staring at the strings with a smile. "I don't know how long it'll take but we'll find someone new to live with." She lightly brushed her fingers on the strings by the bridge. The sound from the strings replied with a pleasant tune.

Moments passed and as if by instinct she brushed the strings again. The sound was similar but the sound yearned for her to play. "Haha you want me to play? Hmmm? Okay one song then off to bed with you." Tudi stood up cradling the instrument in her arms and walked over to the bow. She looked out the small window and stared at the moon.

She didn't think nor move with purpose, she let the moonlight guide her through the song. To her it was a magical duet, to everyone else it was nothing more than a whisper through the auction house.

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