Postponing a deal

---- Dalen Capitol, afternoon ----

It had been a little over a week since Teitur had set off from his camp deep within the Skeldergate. He knew it was risky for him to leave the men at this critical time, but had no doubt that his second in command, Nikita, where more than capable of keeping things under control and get some of the finale preparations done.

Now he just had to hope that his contact here in the Capitol, Thia, had finished his special order. If not the casualties in the upcoming raid were going to be high and hiring new people were going to much too expensive. No, the potion just had to be done.

The sun was slowly starting to set when Teitur finally found the small cottage. He got down and tied his horse outside before knocking two times on the door. Thia opened the door and were a bit surprised to see the man outside. She recognised him as the man she had promised some very special healing potions. Time had passed so fast recently and despite her best effort Gareth still hadn’t even provided her with the book need for this mans potions. “Oh, I didn’t expect to see you this soon. Please step inside” she gestured for him to enter, but Teitur didn’t move. “Thanks, but I don’t really have the time for this” he looked at her, having a bad feeling that she might not have the potions yet “I just came to get what I ordered and then I must be on my way”.

It was as she had feared, but she didn’t show her insecurity to him. “I’m sorry, but I’m not quite done with them yet. Things have been busy” she could tell by his displeased expression that this wasn’t the news he’d hoped to hear, so she quickly added “But if you come back in a week, I’ll have them ready”.

This didn’t suit Teitur at all. “Have them ready in three days or the deal is off” he replied and went to untie his horse and mounted it, not giving her time to respond.

She followed him with the eyes as Teitur rode away. This was going to be tough. With only three days to get the book, find the correct recipe, get the ingredients, create the potions and hopefully test the potion; how were she ever supposed to make it? She just had to hope Gareth were going to bring back the book this time.

Teitur now went looking for a place to stay for the next couple of days and hopefully not somewhere too expensive.

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