Nice meal in a warm spot

Mousvin wasn't sure where to begin. "We'll," he began through a mouthful of chicken. (a single wing had been more than enough) "I grew up in a Brownie village fairly deep in the forest." He paused to dunk his head into his drinking mug and scoop out a mouthful of ale. He burped loudly, but at his stature it was silent within the din noise in the tavern.

"I never did care much, for chores or learning, I got into a bit 'o trouble from time to time." Mousvin was always glad for a new audience to boast to and was excited about the prospect of someone who might appreciate his skills being the one who'd be listening. "I was the absolute best thief in my village!" He smiled proudly. "Granted I was the only thief in my village, I may be the only thief brownie even." Mousvin took another bite of chicken and Tancred continued to eat from his dwindling pile of meat.

"Brownies, we tend to keep to ourselves, those of us who don't live in the hidden Brownie villages usually live on farms or in small homes belonging to giants like you." He pointed accusingly at Tancred. "Those Brownies that live among the giants, they stay hidden but come out at night and do chores for the giants. Things like sweeping or washing up that sort of thing." He waved his hand dismissively before taking another swig from the drinking mug, it was the equivalent of a full keg to Mousvin and he was beginning to find himself a little drunk. "That way they figure they're paying the giants back for the food they take and what-not. Those Brownies don't consider themselves thieves." Mousvin blew a raspberry in drunken disrespect. "They're no better than me." he shouted to no one in particular. "They say sometimes the giants figure out they have Brownies living there and they start leaving out food or milk for them as a reward. They're eating those giants leftovers is what I say! No better than rats!" Mousvin was now breathing heavily. "Anyways," Mousvin took a deep breath. "I got banished for thieving, they kicked me out into a world full of cats and birds with nothing but my spear for protection. I'm lucky I found you, lucky to be alive really."

Mousvin smiled up at Tancred. He took another bite from his chicken wing. "Tell me about you Tancred, How'd you end up locked in that cage?"

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