Scheming little schemer

Mousvin was now pleasantly drunk and began to let his gaze wander around the tavern. "What else would I want to know?" he pondered aloud. He watched the bartender taking a handful of gold coins from a patron.

"I would like to know..." He leaned forward slightly towards Tancred although that hardly closed to distance at all. "How much coin that innkeeper has in the lockbox under the counter." He smiled mischievously up at Tancred. "With our skills combined we could both be quite rich."

Mousvin stood up and stepped over the chicken wing in front of him. He stumbled over Tancred and waved at him. "Pick me up near your ear, we need to speak quietly." Tancred lifted up Mousvin and placed him on his right shoulder. "How about this, we spend the night and you set me down outside the innkeepers room. I'll get under the door, get the key to the lockbox and bring it out to you. What do ya say?"

He leaned back smiling. A ghoul was exactly the the partner he needed. "Come on," He urged. "The two of us could have whatever we want!"

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