No More

((Tower of the Circle, Dalen Capital))

Gareth turned and turned the empty vial in his hands, his eyes fixed on it. "You are right... I am supposed to get this book for someone else...". He paused, nervous about what he was gonna tell next "Her name is Thia. She let's me stay at her place and sometimes even buy me food. In return I help her with.. well, just about anything she needs to be done.".

He almost dropped the vial as he kept fumbling with it but managed to catch before it was shattered on the floor. "Sorry..." he quietly mumbled and quickly placed the vial on Enanth's table before continuing. Now he looked up and met Enanth's gaze apologetically "I'm really sorry about all the trouble I've caused you but.. I really really need that book. She says she need it to complete an order for some guy, Teitur I think, and I can't return without it... I can't let her down again...". The last part he added quietly and looked down once again.

Enanth steepled his fingers before him. He knew both names. This Thia was a relatively small footnote for the order, having most likely upset a Circle mage or two to earn that. And while slavery was not illegal, it certainly put Gareth in position to take the fall if he failed. Enanth also remembered her, a student that had potential but ultimately left. He would speak to this woman about that soon enough. It was the other than drew concern from him. He was already being noticed by others and quite a few people wanted him gone.

Teitur was on the watcher's list and was said to be a dangerous individual. Here in the capital, no less as well as the Dalen lands.

He was quiet while he pondered on what was to be done. Gareth was not at fault here. Thia could be charged with theft and conspiracy. Teitur would not be so easy if he was a part of this.

"You will not let her down, Master Gareth. For she does not own you," he said to him. "This attempt at thievery ends on this day." He rose and began rummaging through the shelves of scrolls. He had memorized some counter magic but just in case, he grabbed a few scrolls. Next was a hold person spell scroll, having used his memorized version on Gareth earlier.

As he turned, he grabbed a small coin purse. It was a bag of holding in truth and it was into this he stored the scrolls. Cinching the pouch to his belt, the old mage snapped his fingers. With a muted flash of his cantrip, a gnarled wooden staff appeared in his left hand.

"Young Gareth, today I will free you from the burden you have had fallen unto you. Today, you will answer no master that you do not cal your own," he spoke sincerely.

He waited as Gareth drew breath.

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