Jack In The House

Jack woke up to hearing his mother yelling from the kitchen.

Aello Nahemah: Jack wake up you sleepy head! Its time for breakfast!

At this point he was six years old and living with his mother on the outskirts of the Dale Kingdom.

Jack: Coming mom.

Jack wiped the sleep from his eyes and headed to eat with his mother. She made him a stew from scratch as she gather the ingredients from the wild outside their stone home.

Aello: Eat up Jack we have practice after this okay?

Jack: Okay mommy.

Aello dotted on Jack a lot but she also wanted him to be able to be independent by his 21st birthday. Outside the home was a lot of scary monsters and Jack was not allowed to leave till he could best them all for his own safety. She was thrilled to find he had an affinity for all spheres of magic as she tried to slowly train him to use magic over the years as well as educating him with books and kingdom info. After they ate she led him down to the basement to train.

Aello: Okay baby show me what you can do this time. Remember we are working on lightning this time. Now zap the lizard target I made for you.

Jack aimed at the lizard and lightning formed around his hands, but when he tried to shoot it it fizzled out.

Jack: Sorry mom it happened again.

Aello: Don't worry baby. I just taught it to you yesterday.

Jack: Its the same with fire, water and wind mom. I can't control any of them.

Aello hugged him with love in her heart. She loved Jack and pampered him with love.

Aello: It's okay Jack. I know you are capable of amazing magic. I already analyzed you. Just think good thoughts and we will find a way.

Jack: I guess.

Aello: Lets try something else.

Jack: Like what?

Aello: This time focus the lightning in your fists and hold it. Then punch the lizard target.

Jack: Are you sure about this?

Aello: Of course Jack. Trust momma.

Jack then stepped up and punched the large lizard and practically incinerated it. Only parts of the feet and tail were left after he hit it.

Jack: Did I do that?

Aello: That's my boy.

Unfortunately despite being a prodigy with a wide affinity for magic, he found he had to have contact in order to make it work. So in the end he could only use his magic as an Adept mage. So he could make barriers on himself, adjust his body and so on.

Aello: However that won't be enough to survive. You need to increase your fighting skills as well.

Aello then attacked her son with strong and fast attacks as he struggled to keep up. This was his normal routine everyday. Since his mom, Aello made him eat all manner of poisonous creatures he built up an immunity to poisons. Of course Jack took it upon himself to start creating new magic which almost cost him his arm if not for his mother's healing magic. She forbade him creating new magic without her permission.

On his 18th birthday she confessed that Jack was not her real son. She then told him Jack was born a human infant boy who was put on a small raft and sent down river for an unknown reason. He was found by Aello, who tried to save him, but his life was near its end due to being unhealthy. To save his life she absorbed him and made herself pregnant so he could be born again as her own son. By having a child she could avoid having to drain men till he reached the age of 21, then she would need to leave Jack or risk draining him dry. She said that by having children she could temporarily avoid having to seduce men to drain them dry. She also told him she had many other children in the past so it was possible he might run into some of them in the future.

The next day she left a note on the table for him to read. Apparently she was captured by slavers on purpose and she was going to let the slavers have her anyway they want if Jack didn't rescue her. This was just another extreme test for poor Jack as she told him where the slavers were going and he only had two days to catch up. Jack was angry at the thought of his mother in the hands of slavers. He quickly dressed up and raced outside using magic to boost up his strengthening his legs, wind magic for speed and enhancing magic to follow her scent.

Poor Jack had to run like the wind and defeat several wild animals that got in his way. Using his speed and lightning punches he plowed through all of them in a hurry leaving a trail of bodies as he pressed on. Eventually he came to a river and didn't have time to find a bridge so he broke his mother's rule and created a new magic he called "Water Walking" by using a combination of wind and water magic on his feet. Surprisingly he was able to pull it off as he raced across the river to reach the slavers in less time. Since he had the element of surprise he used his speed to ambush them and nailed one with a hard kick to the head. After Jack demanded his mother back the slavers decided to make Jack a slave too as they attacked him. Using his lightning fists and speed he took two out without any trouble. Even though this was Jack's first real fight he found the men moved a lot slower than his mother and were not hard to hit. It didn't take long for him to take out all the slavers with lightning kicks and punches at high speeds.

Once the slavers were down Jack ran to the slave wagon and busted the lock off to save his mother who he was hoping would hug him. However as she stepped out of the wagon she was not happy. She said he was to fast based on the training she gave him and it should have taken him the whole day at least. Jack felt nervous as he believed he messed up somewhere till mother asked if he invented a new magic. Jack knew he was busted and was slapped for it. Aello was mad because it reminded her of when he almost died the first time he created new magic. She then hugged him and begged him to not be so reckless. After apologizing to the only person he loved and loved him he understood the fear he gave her.

His education continued till his 21st Birthday, when he found himself alone in the house. When he got up to look around he found a note that told him he was a man now and to save his life she would need to leave him. Of course the letter was cut off in mid sentence which confused him till he saw the two foot tall stack of paper (665 pages) that was the continuation of the letter. Jack was in shock as he had to read the whole letter that explained the love she had for him and she needed to leave him so she would not feed on him. She hoped they would one day find each other. She left him a trunk with magical items to get him started on his new life. Jack took up the trunk and collected the contents and took the map Aello provided him to find his future.

Jack stepped out of the house and began heading to the Kingdom of Dale to see what was out there.


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