Dirty hints

"Oh yes, I've got tones of those, but I think I'll save them for a more private moment." He said, teasingly sending her a naughty wink.

His smile grew even wider when she mentioned that she would find a way to repay him. This was too good and opportunity to mis out on, "I'll be looking forward to whatever you come up with. And just so you know; it doesn't have to be money.". They way her cheeks turned red was a sure sign that the dirty joke had had its intentional effect. He kept looking at her, enjoying the way she blushed and her cute, but inefficient way of hiding it. Then she pointed towards the orc's shop, making him look in that direction instead of her. "Okay, this must be his shop." He looked a little over his shoulder, trying to look for Gularzob "I guess we just have to wait for him then...".

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