"So tell me Auriel what type of training did mom give you and did she have any odd sleeping habits with you?"

Auriel's smile faded just as quickly as it had come. "Are you quizzing me before you even tell me your name? Talin recognized me for who I was right away, but fine whatever."

"Mom expected nothing short of excellence, as I'm sure you know, but fortunately she was a good enough teacher to help me be excellent at various combat styles, magics, and arts that she taught me. I was taught to fight with no weapons, daggers, various types of swords, as well as makeshift weapons. She also taught me numerous combat spells, from fireballs to psychic pulses. I learned how to use magic to disguise myself, although I learned to use glamour spells to create an illusionary appearance, whereas you seem to be able to somehow actually adjust your physical appearance, which I thought only changlings and shifters could do."

"Anyway, I was also interested in music, so mom taught me to play a few instruments and a number of bardic spells that I could cast through my music. I can play something for you now, if you want, since you apparently don't believe anything I'm saying anyway." Auriel pulled a flute out of her handbag as her tail flicked about agitatedly.

"Regarding the second part of your question, yes, mom had some interesting mannerisms when it came to settling down for the night, although this is not generally an appropriate question to ask in a public setting like this. If I didn't really want to talk to you, I'd probably get offended and leave, but I'll humor you. No, we did not have an incestuous relationship. Yes, I did sleep in the same bed in very close proximity to mom for most of my young life. She hasn't admitted it yet, but I'm pretty sure she used her magic to decrease the temperature in our house when we went to bed so that I was forced to get close to her if I wanted to be warm."

"So did I pass? Can you tell me your name now, Mr. Paranoid?"

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