Dangers of the shop

Horo shook his head. "In general. No. In a sweep sort of. Only to individuals of certain races. For example Iron. Tiny bits and bobs, trinkets, and decorative arms. Or humans I have some seeds that if planted and grown are harmful to us. I don't sell things that just kill anything some things just so happen to be a danger to some." he said reassuringly. "Wouldn't harm on purpose, but if those who buy something choose that path, I can't stop them." he added with a shrug. "It's hard to tell what some things will do to some people some times so I can't say yes or no with out feeling like I may be a liar." Horo told Orla pushing his hat back up so you could see his face he was smiling again. "I wouldn't hurt you. Trust me on that. You bought my flowers. Nobody every comes here looking for flowers only silly items they think are magic. 'Good luck charms' that have no luck to them."

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