Wandering Dog

Horo shrugged again. "Yeah I know some of it really is magic but this town as a gambling house and it would tip the scales if I sold real luck charms." he said. "Not fun if you always win. Muchs as getting rich quick would be nice, you don't stay rich long. Death or just over confidence will ruin you. Seen it several times." he told her. "As for the collecting, Never knew my mother and my father wasn't the best guy. So I left home young. Found myself hanging around shops a lot, doing odd jobs, fell in love with the odd. Despite me name I am more like a crow. Pucking random things here and there for my nest. But name I got is good enough. Fitting Horo Inu or Wandering Dog. Never stayed in one place to long and once I find something I want I sink my teeth in and don't let go till I get the deal I want." he laughed. "Kind of abandoned my old name since I was a Junior to my fathers name." he explained. "You are the first person to actually be this interested into talking to me."

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