The bar

The feeling of her hands on his chest filled him with a tingling sensation, and he had to struggle not to let it show.

He smiled confidently at her as he followed her towards the bar “Or so you think, but I’m going to change that.”. When walking and joking like this it was like he forgot all his worries and how miserable he’d been feeling earlier this day. It was always nice with a little break and to have some good company when having a job like him, which could otherwise be quite lonely and dull at this point.
When watching how she was dodging the people coming from the other direction, he had to hold back a laugh, otherwise they would both be looking like fools and definitely stand out in this mix of people.

When reaching the bar, he tied the horse to a pole outside and untied his most important things from the saddle. He might not have anything special, but that didn’t mean he would leave it out here without supervision.

He swung the bags across his shoulder and returned to Winifred with a smile “Of course. Now let’s get inside”. Having said that he went inside and looked around. It was a small place, but despite its size there were quite a lot of people, the air was filled with smoke and the smell of ale, just the way he liked it. He made his way pass some of the other costumers and found a table where they could sit by themselves. Jokingly he pulled out one of the chairs for Winifred, as if he were her personal servant and looked at her with a grin “Have a seat and just tell me what you want, then I’ll go and get it”.

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