Traps Galore

Abigail's tracking abilities were magnificent, lead in Adisla and her troop along the path that the trio had taken. The prints were not made to look like something else, a clear sign that her quarry were not outdoorsman. However, Adisla still kept Abigail close to her in case she found a change in direction or she began sensing another trap up ahead. That was what she was certain she was feeling before the bomb went off. She did not regret losing the lives that came from her learning the feeling, for it was easily written off as a learning experience.

The direction of the paths changed randomly back and forth, the telltale sign of someone trying to throw their pursuers off their track. Taking the new direction, Adisla narrowes her eyea and paid more attention to her surroundings, hoping to feel another annoying presence behind her ear. They did not have to go very far before the sensation began creeping up her neck to settle at its spot. Welcoming the sensation like an old friend, she held up her left hand to halt the procession of her troops.

Slipping out of ber saddle, she ushered Abigail back when she started to step towards her commander. At this point in time, Adisla did not need a distraction, and the survival of her only remaining tracker was more than enough distraction. Moving along the path, she took small steps in multiple directions, zeroing in on the sensation to find where it felt the strongest. Stopping when it actually became painful enough to cause her to cringe, she swept her halberd across in front of her, channeling her magic through it in order to send a small wave of air to move the leaves and vegetation that settled on the ground.

Grinning, she could see the mage's trap etched into the dirt, where it would have been absolutely invisible under the leaves. Reaching her ledt hand out to the trap, she began to sap its essence from it, rendering it useless while also giving her a taste of Ceriden's magic. She would be unable to track him, but she could now track his magic use. Almost instantly, another trap sensation began to come behind her ear, but this time it was accompanied with a visual disturbance as she saw a ghostly image lff in the woods in the shape of the trap that was here.

Cringing to the side, she pulled the face of her helm down over hers to hide her reaction from her troops while speaking softly to herself, "Cast away, young man. Cast yourself away and you will taste my blade all the quicker." Turning around swiftly, she went back to Madison and climbed back up into the saddle before calling out, "Follow me!" She did not need Abigail for now, and so she spurred Madison past the scout and immediately off the trail, heading towards the magical image of the trap. Aa if as an afterthought, she tuened her head back to Abigail and spoke, "Take seven fighters with you and go along the path. Maintain 3 meter intervals and make sure that you are in the middle of the troop."

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