Mead and ale

"As you wish, milady." He added, teasingly using his posh voice. Then he went to the bar, but had to squeeze between a couple of tables to get there, before finally being able to order their drinks. He got the mead for her and a pint of ale to himself.

It wasn't easy, but he managed to get both drinks back to the table without spilling a single drop on his way. He placed the mead in front of Winifred with a smile on his lips "Here you go.". Eager to taste his ale he took a sip of it while simultaneously taking a seat at the table. He wasn't disappointed. With a contend sigh he put his glass down "Oh, this is so good.". This was probably one of the things he missed the most when camping out in the woods or not having enough money for it when he choose to stay at an inn. But when having the chance he wasn't the type how would leave a town before having tasted the locals preferred type of liquor.

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