OOC - Kobrorus (Kingdom of Fae) brief summary

Aviana Marpesia is the current Queen of Kobrorus. She is a powerful faerie who has held leadership in her lands for well over six-hundred years. The island in which her kingdom resides covers 84,431 square kilometers (32,599 square miles), and is composed of 50 shades of green, rolling hills. The island has high cliffs to north and east, which allow for protection from invaders that way, low inland to the south and west, which allow ships to enter her harbor. The surrounding smaller islands around Kobrorus are not smaller villages, but owned by the upper-class fae.

Kobrorus is entirely made up of fae. It is an extremely exclusive kingdom, where there is a three tier class system. The upper class is made up of Queens, Dukes, Maruqess, Earls, Viscounts, Barons, and Knights. The middle class is made up of those who are artists, creators of fashion, engineers, those who specialize in Royal Law, medicine, and philosophers. The lower class is made up of those who cultivate food, and provide a way of maintaining the upper class superficially. The lower class is entirely made up of dwarves.

There is something to be said about Marpesia’s temper, and the manner in which she handles things. Any deals that are broken end up with the opposing party locked up within her walls, being tormented for the remainder of their lives. Those who work for Marpesia, offer their souls and their families souls for her well-being. The Conwood’s are a notorious bunch among the fae, but no one outside of Kobrorus would be well acquainted with their talents. This family has long served Marpesia in tormenting anyone she wishes.

It wasn’t until Patrick Conwood used his gifts in attempt to take Marpesia’s life, and replace her on the throne. Once his trickery was outed, he lost his life and all but two Conwood’s were banished from Kobrorus. Aiden and Margaret Conwood continue to serve faithfully to their queen, though none of their children are allowed to be with them. If word were to escape that a Conwood was in reach, Marpesia would not hesitate to take their life.

Those who reside in Kobrorus, either fae or dwarf, live a decent life full of riches. They only look after one another, and find any other being despicable and a waste of space. If it weren’t for the need to import and export, they would have nothing to do with the outside world.

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