"G'day c'mander! Can I do anything for you?"

Adisla would be lying if she said the sudden outburst of vocals did not surprise her and yank her out of her thought process. Whipping her head over to look down at the body the voice belonged to, she could not help the small smile that placed itself rightly on her lips as she looked down at Bismuth. Nodding, she pulled the halberd up and laid it across her legs so that is was not pulling her to the right as she was facing her left. Besides, with the silver accented tip facing the young werewolf, he would be less likely to get much closer and test her patience.

Keeping a steady grip on the shaft of the halberd, she glanced around to make sure she was still heading in the correct direction before facing the young man again and speaking, "Private Busy, I wonder what brings you out this way without my summons. I assumed my lieutenant disclosed my whereabouts to you only? We wouldn't want everyone knowing I was gone and that now was a wondrous opportunity for illegal actions, would we?"

Grinning slightly, she altered her horse's path and directed the steed off the road and towards the underbrush. Seeing the men behind her falter, she pointed in the direction of the town as an unspoken order to continue on their way. Looking at Bismuth, she measured his height before speaking in a lighter voice, "It looks like you've grown an inch or so Bismuth, congratulations. Anyways." Turning back to Madison, she pulled a map of the are from one of her saddlebags and splayed it out on the side of one of the many trees around them. Casting a small spell to bind the corners of the map to the bark, she pointed out their rough location on the map and spoke, "I need you to make your rounds to the settlements around this forest. Inform them that there are three fugitives currently on the run in this forest and I am requesting their aid in capturing them. Now, I have a strange request, but do your hands move as quickly and accurately as your feet?"

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