Starving Artist

Adisla had always found herself impressed with the young werewolf, what with his attention to detail whenever she gave him instruction or his eagerness to serve those around him, even if it came with a monetary benefit. She had several officers that she wished displayed half the work ethic that the young man before her had. Smirking as he looked down at his hands after she asked about his abilities with them, she pulled three sheets of parchment and a charcoal pencil from her saddlebags before handing them to Busy. Reaching her hand down, she closed her eyes before forming a fist and turning her hand palm-side up before raising it up to her head. Looking down, the ground began to shake slightly before a flat surfaced rock emerged from the ground and stopped at Bismuth's belly button.

Wiping the dirt off, she used magic to follow behind her hand with a small wave of air to clear the makeshift table top. Gesturing towards it, she spoke, "I want you to use your attention to detail and do your best to sketch the three people I describe to you, understood?" Not waiting for his affirmation, she pulled up and mental image of each of the fugitives before describing their features to the boy. Ceriden's and Gareth's descriptions were nearly perfect, for she had gotten a clear look at each of their faces. Sabina, however, proved to be more difficult to recall as she remembered that the woman had avoided showing much of her face to her. However, if she recalled the images Erik sent before his demise, she was able to fill in the gaps of her description.

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