The Dilemma

Bare feet met with cold, dark, mahogany wood floorings, as she slung her legs over the side of her bed. The white silk night gown provided little protection from the cool morning breeze that found its way through her bedroom window. Pushing a fallen strap back to its proper place, the pale skinned figure made its way to close the open window. A soft yawn and the pitter patter of her feet were the only sounds that could be heard. Wavy blonde hair in a disheveled bun bounced with every step. Before she could move away from the window, her eyes wandered up the river noticing a horse grazing on the bankside. Raising her eyebrow, she scanned the remaining scene for an owner.

Walking away from the window, and grabbing her gray knitted shawl, the girl moved with purpose down the stairs, and to the front cabin door. A nicely manicured hand hovered over the handle before she made the decision to look out the window once more. Moving from the front of the house to the back, she pushed aside her white translucent window curtain, only to see someone that seemed to be wandering too far away from home. “It couldn’t be...” whispering to herself, she watched silently as though any movement from inside the house could alarm the girl. But, she noticed that it wasn’t just any girl. It was the daughter of Lady Hibiscus.

Closing her curtains, she backed away from the window. What was a girl of her status doing so far away from the city? Shaking her head with confusion, she decided to ignore it. It could only mean trouble if she were to get involved, so she wouldn’t. Pulling the shawl tighter over her shoulders, she felt her wings tingle with anticipation. With the tingle, she knew one thing: this wouldn’t be the last run in. Clearing her throat, she made a prompt to decision to do her best to forget the situation; the best way to forget any situation is over a fresh cup of tea.

Over the next few days, the dweller paced the floors thinking about Ms. Hibiscus. She knew exactly who the girl was due to her familiarity with anyone with a high status in either kingdoms. She remembers looking at sketches of their family tree. It appears she had a moral dilemma; but not necessarily, because for all she knew, the girl was completely safe and had a very good reason for being this far away from safe grounds. After all, they were still a two days’ ride from the main city in Dalen.

Her thoughts lingered to the what-ifs, which only caused her to feel as though she could be at fault if anything were to happen. What if, she was the only one that had known she was this far out? Should she go to the King? No, that would be ridiculous.

Hands found themselves wrapped around “Socratic Moral Psychology”, and her eyes scanned over the cover for a few minutes. Not only had this encounter kept her pacing the floors, it also kept her from changing out of her night gown, or bathing. She knew what kind of people were on the inside of the city limits, for she used to be one of them. She also knew what kind of trouble a girl like Ms. Hibiscus could get into. Placing the book on the wooden kitchen countertop, taking in a deep breath, she decided she should go to the Thalia’s kingdom.

She knew of a fae portal, just beyond the tree line, on the edge of Verden territory lines. Taking the time to fully groom herself, her hair fell just past her shoulders. A deep purple dress that had a hem line that brushed the floor, a high neckline, and long sleeves kept most of her skin concealed. Underneath her dress were daggers tied to her thighs, and tucked in the tops of her laced up leather boots. Smoothing her dress, she gazed at herself in the mirror. There were slits in the back of the dress so that her wings could breathe, otherwise they would suffocate and cause discomfort. Just before heading out the door, she snagged the black hooded cloak that had been hanging for so long, it was necessary to wipe the dust off the shoulders

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