Night in the Forest of the Fey

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He rubbed his chin, a few days had grown on him and his stubble was a little more than stubble by now. “Yes, a shave would be nice.” He said and smiled looking at Kalena. He was able to see her, mostly, now his eyes had adjusted, or perhaps there was more light then before. Either way he could make out more of her, and had a hard time looking away.

Being waited on was becoming more and more commonplace now for him, though his men would love it. “I am sure they guys would love that, particularly the girls. My men are anything but shy, Miss Kalena, in fact you would not believe what I heard them say in from of a nobleman.” He laughed and looked over in their direction and he could see all of them were looking in his. Likely wondering what he was going to do, would he try and kiss her? He knew they were taking bets.

“A wife?”

Kline laughed a sort of nervous and shocked laugh. “No, I had not even thought of such a thing.” Now she mentioned it he could not put the idea away. He would need to take a wife, and have kids. “I really do not have time for a wife currently, and it is not like I have a chance to get out and do some courting, if you understand.” He leaned back against the wagon, his heels dug in the dirt as he did, and his arms folded across his chest. “I am sure you understand, I suspect it is much the same for yourself. You have work that keeps you from seeing others?” He asked, clearly meaning to inquire how she became so wealthy.

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