Alert Status Raised

Bismuth worked feverishly to complete the sketches that Adisla had ordered him to create after she saw his exquisite workmanship at drawing the criminals as she described them. Sure, he may not be able to create artistic masterpieces on his own, but he was more than capable of putting to parchment every small detail that she recalled. It was almost uncanny when he completed, as if the wanted posters would suddenly begin speaking to her and requesting her mercy. Narrowing her eyes and shaking her head as she looked at Ceriden's poster, she could see his mouth beginning to move. But, rather than pleading for his life, a black ooze began seeping out of his mouth and down the page to her hand where she held it. Seeing the black liquid touch her gauntlet, she looked away to pull herself from the hallucination. It seemed that the overdose of the mage's magic had yet to wear away, but she would need to to soon or else she would be unable to close in on the mage.

As Bismuth finished with the stacks of posters she had requested, Adisla smiled and handed the young man fifteen gold pieces before speaking, "Now, go pin those up in every town within a fifty kilometer radius of this point. Also, inform the local Lords that the fugitives are on the run and that the Ragodast Garrison is requesting assistance."

Seeing the young werewolf nod before running off with the stacks of posters, Adisla pulled herself back on top of Madison and patted the steed gently on the side of the neck. Easing the horse towards town, she quickly caught up with the rear elements of her detachment. Rather than rushing forward, she chose to stay at the rear and follow them into the city. Moving through the unwalled sections of the growing town, she pulled her visor down over her face to hide her gaze as she looked at the cretins moving around her with a look of disgust. Tightening her grip on the halberd and bringing it to a more ready position should she need to use it, she could not get into the walls fast enough, desiring deeply to rid herself of the filth that was the very outer edge of Ragodast.

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