OOC - Narrative Summaries Part 1

Artem & Winnifred

Winifred &a Artem: met on the outskirts of Verden, where Winifred lives. Winifred saw Sabina and recognized her face, decided to go after her since she looked troubled. On her way out Artem ran into her, they both have the same objective but with different outcomes. Winifred is doing this due to moral obligation, Artem is doing this for money. They have stayed in Jocelynn's Inn in the middle of the forest that separates much of Dalen and Verden, traveled through a portal, fought each other (verbal sparring), and have come to the conclusion they are trusting one another. On their way into Dalen, Gularzob was approached by the two and offered them help in their endeavors. Since then, the two are on the path of gaining two new identities that are intertwined romantically, and their search for Sabina continues.

Katya and Sir Simon

It all began when Sabina ran off like a typical Millennial, taking with her a special grimoire on Necromancy to revive her late lover who was killed due to his magical abilities. Upon her disappearance, Katya and Simon were sent by their respective superior officers to retrieve the girl, Katya to retrieve the book and return it to the Verden Royal Library's archives, and Simon to retrieve Sabina for the King in order to pressure Sabina’s mother into a marriage deal.

Katya took off under the guise of a caravan guard, but her caravan was set upon by a band of bandits. Simon, who happened to be riding close behind them on his own journey into Dalen, came upon the carnage of the ambush and effectively used his plate armor and element of surprise to turn the tide of the battle. After making their escape from the battle, Katya and Simon decided to travel together due to their common links to Verden. They have since dined at a Jocelynn's Inn/Brothel along the way and viewed a glorious raid, and have then moved on to catch up on some shut eye in shifts. After reaching the place to sleep, Simon took the first watch and has since found a damsel in distress and is helping her out.


The imperialistic Timber Crag kingdom was poised to attack Dalen and Queen Thalia enlisted Kalena to assassinate its king in order to forestall a war that Dalen was not prepared to fight after the losses it suffered in the latest conflict with Verden. Disguised as a diplomat, Kalena killed the Timber Crag monarch, ending his threat, and in so doing earned enough money to retire for the rest of her life.

A year later, a bored Kalena decided on a lark to investigate a series of killings in the Dalen countryside and met Oruvand, a bounty hunter employed by the local Sheriff's office. The two joined forces to apprehend the wanted murderer (Jack) who Oruvand tracked to a remote and disreputable inn. Kalena and Oruvand ran afoul of its owner, Madam Jocelynn, and their search of the inn proved anticlimactic when the killer managed to slip away.

A day or so later, Kalena stumbled upon Kline Lowson and his men being attacked by bandits and went to their aid. She helped them overcome the bandits, but in the process suffered a blow to the head that gave her mild amnesia.

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