OOC - Wonky Timelines

There has been a fairly lengthy email chain going on behind the scenes about this subject, but just so we are all on the same page, I'm going to post here what was discussed there, namely, that the timelines of our various narratives are not in sync time-wise. We believe that the Artem/Winnifred, the Katya/Celestia/Simon/Outrider, and the Ceriden/Gareth/Sabina/Thierri narratives are all occuring on the same day, which is the same day that Jocelynn's Inn/Brothel got raided by Kalena and Oruvand.

We have also concluded that the Kalena/Kline narrative and the Jack/LeLu/Auriel narrative are occuring a day AFTER the previously mentioned narratives. This is how Isai is able to be in two narratives at the same time (posting-order-wise, not in-game-timeline-wise).

I don't really know when the other narratives (Silika/William, Orla/Horo, and Draken/Asgurt) are taking place.

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