Time and Place

-Barble's Shop, Ragodast. Late Afternoon of 1 DSTR-

Isai glanced over his shoulder at the butcher as Auriel spoke of the possibility of a dinner where they could further discuss their plans. Looking back to her, he narrowed his eyes for a second as he looked her helmet over, wishing to see her eyes so he could judge her intentions better before relaxing them to normal and speaking, "Dinner sounds lovely, Elthien. However, I hope you understand if this steak is held for a different meal and not ours. I don't think it would be appreciated if I brought you back to my home to share this meal. Where do you suggest we meet so that we may discuss?"

Reaching down to his leg, he scratched his thigh gently with a slight grimace before bringing his hand back up. He had stepped on something wrong in his travels to Ragodast and had felt a sliding sensation within his leg. He had been able to walk fine, but he did not wish to go far without the benefit of a horse as support. Returning his face to a mask of stoicism, he awaited her suggestion and prayed to his gods that she would suggest a meal location close to the butcher shop.

OOC: I didn't necessarily add that as a pressure to make you comment on it. If you do, cool. If you don't, cool. I'm not even sure where I am going with it, so if you have an idea, cool and tell me lol. Otherwise...I might just say her stepped on something that splashed up a sticky substance that is stuck in his leg hair lol. Toodles lol Oh yeah...

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