-The Border Forest, Near Ragodast, 0 DSTR-

There were many times in Thierri's life where he had allowed his anger and bloodlust to pull him into an attack that was probably not the best idea, but any sense of worry had repeatedly been refuted by his ability to single handedly fight his way out of the situation and get back to the ranks of his armies before the main attack began. This train of logic was why Thierri had not stopped when he realized the mystical properties of the creature he was chasing. He was beginning to gain on the ghostly figure, and with the closer vicinity, he could tell what it was. It was some sort of apparition controlled by a mage in the area, pulling him from the woman and now running like an absolute coward. Such a coward in fact, Thierri was confident there was no redemption to be found and this mage would instantly be damned. No slavery, no attempt at a better life. No, just death. For his inconvenience and his cowardice. Pouring on more speed as he was determined to not let the figure escape. he was reaching a hand out to grab hold of one of its ghostly trails when suddenly it shot skyward and through the branches above him.

Looking up at the disturbed leaves that fell from where the being had went, Thierri growled deeply and turned his attention to the situation at hand. He was deep in the Dalen forest, more than slightly lost, and he could sense the presence of a large creature near him. Looking forward through the low hanging branches, he could make out a dark shape before him. It was in no way a clear view, and his first thought was that the coward that directed the ghost had finally found his courage and stepped forward. But, as Thierri pushed through the branches with a triumphant smirk, he stalled as he moved the final branch and came within clear sight of the figure.

Seeing a very large, black wolf with bright blue eyes before him, Thierri sized up the situation quickly. He could smell no other wolves in the area, and the one before him did not smell like a true wolf. Not only did it smell wrong, which could easily have been described as a different variant native to these regions, it was much larger than any wolf he had every seen back home. Standing still as he watched the wolf before him, he narrowed his eyes and raised his hands away from his weapons as he spoke in a low tone, "Alright now, I don't want any issues. We both go about our business and forget this happened?"

-Tag Wolf-

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