Out of the Tent

- Border Forest, near Jocelynn's Inn. 0 DSTR, mid-morning.

"Celestia. It reminds me of the stars, a realm so beautiful and full of wonder that I have no doubt it is where you originated."

Okay, this conversation was getting weirder by the minute.

"Does that work with all of them, Simon?" the female voice giggled.

"Celestia, why were you in the woods?"

This actually was a good question. Why was this 'Celestia' in the forest, seducing her friend?

Katya was barely able to make out the reply. "Searching..."

What on earth was going on out there? Katya was starting to fear that something that would hinder their mission was happening. As much as she would have liked to fall asleep and worry about this later, she was now way too wired to expect sleep to come back to her. Katya sighed. If she wasn't going to be able to sleep anyway, there wasn't much point in her staying in here. Perhaps she should help Simon drive off this intruder, since his penis seemed to getting in the way of the mission.

Deciding to finally do something, Katya silently put her boots on and crawled out of the tent. "Simon, what in the blazes is going on out here?" She rose to her feet, then froze when she saw Celestia's face. "Ah, hell," she muttered." Katya didn't need to look twice at Celestia's unnatural golden eyes to know that this woman was bad news.

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