Early Riser

- Border Forest, near Jocelynn's Inn. 0 DSTR, mid-morning.-

Simon furrowed his brows slightly at Celestia's answer, confuses as to why she would answer with only one word and in such a soft voice. Was she afraid she was being listened to, or was she hiding something? She did not seem to be hiding anything, and none of Simon's scans had come up with anything noteworthy. Relaxing his brows, he looked down at his knees and brought his hands together. His left hand formed a fist and his right wrapped around it easily. Squeezing his fingers for a second, he chewed on the inside of his lower lip before glancing up at her and speaking, "Searching for wh-?"

His words were cut off by his noticing a rustling to the side. Jerking his right hand to his axe and unsheathing it, he dug his ankles into the ground and pulled himself to a kneeling position as his left hand snatched a log from the fire that was burning on one end. The transition was smooth and nearly instant, proving that he had spent many years under arms and with experience in surprise attacks. However, the reaction was uncovered as an overreaction as he notices the sound had been Katya moving out of the tent.

Chuckling to himself softly, he settled back down and turned to place the log back. Preparing to throw a witty comment towards her, his humor was snuffed out by her quick and accusatory words. Looking up at her from under lowered brows, he snorted slightly before holding his silence and returning his axe to his belt. Once the weapon was secures, he looked up at her fully and spoke with a smile, "Well, well. You're up early. You still have about..." Glancing over at the sundial, he grinned and continued, "An hour and a half. I guess you weren't lying about those nightmares."

Turning his attention to the fire, he stirred the log he had forcibly extricated in order to let it get back in the optimum burning location. He spoke as he continued to work the flame, "I'm simply keeping to my personal oaths. If I see someone in need, I help them. She was alone and hungry, so I fed her from my portion of the rations and I gave her company." Once he was satisfied with the state of the fire, he sat back on his haunches and looked over at Katya before speaking, "Katya, Celestia. Celestia, Katya. Now, are you awake for good?"

-tag Celestia and Katya, Outrider if wanted-

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