Awkward Introductions

*Border Forest, near Jocelynn's Inn. 0 DSTR, mid-morning*

The silence that built between them sent a chill up her spine; completely unfamiliar to her in regards for the feeling of warmth Simon had provided so far. Scanning his face for thoughts, she held her breath as his thoughts began to formulate on his lips.

Interupted by motion, just as Simon was beginning to prepare for an attack, Celestia pushed her hand back into the ground, hoisting her into a standing position. Unlike Simon, she knew exactly where the noise was coming from. Celestia had been expected the interruption for a short time, but knew it would eventually come.

"Simon, what in the blazes is going on out here?" Katya rose to her feet, then froze when she saw Celestia's face. "Ah, hell," she muttered.

Celestia breathed out a sigh, but held eye contact with the woman she had originally heard from the forest.

"Well, well. You're up early. You still have about..." Glancing over at the sundial, he grinned and continued, "An hour and a half. I guess you weren't lying about those nightmares." He spoke as he continued to work the flame, "I'm simply keeping to my personal oaths. If I see someone in need, I help them. She was alone and hungry, so I fed her from my portion of the rations and I gave her company."

Celestia remained standing, as if the woman would pounce at any second. He began to stir with excitement in her chest, begging to play. Clearing her throat at the short introduction, she regretted her name being shared with the woman. Celestia’s entire being tensed.

“Katya,” Celestia spoke sternly. Nodding in her direction, she shifted on her feet, testing her stability. Keeping an eye on her bag out of her peripheral, Celestia couldn’t decide whether to lower herself or not. She glanced down at Simon, seeking reassurance, but couldn’t find at moment’s notice.

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