Your Excellency

- Dalen Woodland, Night of 1 DSTR -

“You're Baron Lowson?” Kalena frowned in surprise at the revelation. “Well, I must say, that does explain a few things.”

“I did not say anything because I really did not want you to…that is to say, I did not want it coloring what you did. People change, well, except for my men, they all knew me before, but others, it can make them a little odd.” He told her. “Honestly, I cannot stand it.” He stopped in his pacing now, standing and looking at her from the back of the tent. He took a deep breath a look of hope on his face, an awkward smile on his face like some boy who had been caught in a lie.

“I don't enjoy being made a fool of, Your Excellency,” Kalena said, using the correct form of address for a baron. “But I can't fault you for showing discretion when it comes to revealing your identity to strangers. For all you knew I might have been an assassin.” She smiled as if at some private joke. “I suppose I can forgive the deception, and I can understand you being uncomfortable with people suddenly treating you differently when they learn of who you are, especially if you're not used to that kind of regard from anyone. Let me assure you that, as someone who associates frequently with the nobility, your title doesn't much faze me.” She held off telling him that she was privately hopeful that Queen Thalia would someday officially make her a noble too, in reward for her own service, much of it clandestine, to the kingdom. “I'm sure that you'll eventually grow accustomed to your new rank and responsibilities, although it can't help that someone has been actively working against you. Perhaps the Queen anticipated ahead of time that you might face such problems, and felt a common soldier like you was the one best suited to the challenge.”

Kalena considered him with new appreciation. She only moments ago had felt no real connection or loyalty to Baron Lowson, but now that she knew Kline was none other than the man himself, that certainly changed matters. Perhaps she could offer him a loan or to invest in his wine business in order to help get him out of the red. But given his nature she knew he might not wish to accept such charity from her.

“If you want, I can sleep outside, you can take the tent,” Kline said, and held up a hand as if to forestall any protest she may make. “I have spent many nights sleeping in worse conditions, so do not say anything about me being a Baron and all. I will see if I can get the embers of the fire out there going and we can get a little light out there. You could also use the rest, you took a pretty hard hit, and to be honest, I think you have a better chance to getting out of here then me. I am no woodsmen, and if you can muster the skills to get us out, then I would want you fully rested.”

“Well I'm not exactly a ranger,” Kalena said, “but I do have survival training, and you're right that I could use some rest. Getting the fire going is a good idea too, but you sleeping out there in the open is rather foolish. What if some bandits return and cut your throat in your sleep? If we're both inside the tent they won't see anyone immediately, and we'll be able to see their shadows cast by the firelight, and wake the other. You can take first watch, let me get some sleep, and I can be your relief in three or four hours.” She smiled with good humour. “Then again, since you're the Baron here, perhaps I ought to do as you bid me, Your Excellency.” At his question on whether Tyreth lived in the city, she answered, “No, I assume that he's taken up residence at the old Cartagan family home, which is out in the countryside amid a sizable apple orchard. Perhaps we could stop by the place tomorrow on our way to the capital? It shouldn't be too out of our way. I've actually--” Kalena trailed off as she heard the sound of someone humming a tune. She looked out the tent and saw a figure with a lantern entering the camp. Even in the dark shadows she could make out his shock of red hair at a distance.

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(OOC – SilverCloud is working on an official map of the Two Kingdoms that should be posted any day now. I suggested that it include both Kline's baronial lands and Tyreth's orchard, and we'll be able to see where they are in relation to other towns and places mentioned so far in the game. Here is a quick little map that aasully drew very early on that shows the town of Ragodast, the capital, Jocelynn's Inn and Winnifred's house, along with some of the border area with Verden. )

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