A new stranger

- Dalen Woodland, Night of 1 DSTR -

The night was late and the darkness caused almost nigh visibility as Lafayette walked through the woods. Sword out of it's scabbard loosely hanging at his side. A unique lantern giving him a small amount of light hanging off his belt. Lafayette humming to himself, despite the dismal feeling these woods would give someone normal he seemed as happy to be there as a pub. His steps jaunty almost like he was walking to the beat of his own tune.

Eventually he was passing a clearing, seeing a light glow off the path inside the tree line. Lafayette came to a stop even stopping his tune. The lantern squeaked to a stopped bouncing, and the sticks on his pack clacked to a stop. Before he started down that new path. Slow at first. Sword still ready until he entered visual distance of the group. He sheathed the blade holding his hands in a the gesture for 'don't shoot the messenger'.

"Hello, friends. Having trouble with your fire?" he asked his accent thick. "I could help in exchange for a safe place to rest." Lafayette offered pointing to the stick on his pack, keeping his hands where they could see them.

(Sorry if that was not the best lead in.)

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