House Meeting

It has been barely a week since Tyreth's return to the Orchard and after the initial thrill of coming, to what is home in so many ways, slowly the women started to tell of the horrors that had gone on before, he was genuinely shocked and appalled.
Then, as he toured the grounds he saw signs of neglect creeping into the business side of things , Tyreth was wondering how bad things had got and the illusion that all was well during his visits was because things had been thinly glossed over and he was seeing things as he wanted to see them and not truly.

Therefore he called this house meeting in what was the dining hall from happier times past. The morning sunshine coming through the windows and casting a warm glow over those already gathered and the table had a line of breakfast foods and drink running down the middle of it as the comforting aroma of freshly baked bread and hot drink drifted in the air.

Tyreth and Maxine emerged from the main bedroom, laughing and talking with the buxom blonde who is carrying a selection of pieces of parchment and also she is wearing something even more scandalous than normal and it is a good job that she doesn't spend as much time in the kitchens as she used to.
The young knight gives her a playful slap on her thinly vieled shapely derriere which causes her jump and almost drop the scrolls and he tells her to go to the table and he will be there in a minute.

Turning his attention to the waiting Cordelia, he drinks in her beauty and his thoughts run wild for a moment and his eyes go to the D ring on her collar and he imagines just hooking his finger into it and bringing her sweet lips to his own. Instead he asks "Sleep well? And ready?"

At the table he looks around the gathered women and his first impression is that his late uncle acquired quite an impressive harem and then it was quickly followed by a sense of responsibility as he saw their pretty faces and features looking back at him. Clearing his throat he gestures to the food and drink and tells them to help themselves as this meeting will be a bit of a long one, unfortunately, as they address many issues which are affecting the Orchard and them.

The meeting would be about the personal welfare of the women, if they have anything to talk about. The missing slavegirls - whether they have gone back to their former lives or simply "escaped". Also Tyreth has prepared letters to nearby farmers, wanting to restore contact and a supply of fresh meat, dairy and produce. He hands down the scrolls to one of the more sensible women, asking her to go on his behalf, and looking around the table, he adds, "And take Yvette too", who is one of the "comfort girls" and very pleasing to the eyes and of a sweet personality. Tyreth also asks them to apologize for the missing seal as he cannot find where his uncle kept it.

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