Rude Guest get no Quarter

Jocelynn was shaken out of her funk when two men burst through the door one shouting about some random stranger and the other making his way to the kitchen. As the man was shouting about someone named 'Jack' she ran to the kitchen, slapping the man grabbing beers by the bucket in the back of the head. "Just what do you think you are doing!" she shouted having her mass of a body guard lift the man from the chair and bring him to the front. The guard held the man, keeping him from moving. "Pardon... you need to keep your companion on a leash. This isn't a park to be played in it is a business." she explained before sighing again and answering the question. "No one named 'Jack' has stayed at this Inn. Names are not taken for discrepancy. I wouldn't know who you were asking about even if I took names. I do not interact with patrons anymore then them coming, going or ordering services. I pay very little attention to anyone but regular patrons."

(the guard can not be hurt, and only killed in a secret way and magic can not be used in the inn. So no funny business. Work it out with words)

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