Courteous exchange

-Border Forest, Near Jocelynn's Brothel. 0 DSTR, mid-morning-

Celestia stiffed during Katya’s ‘speech’. The woman had mocked a conversation that Celestia would hold dear to her heart for years to come. Katya wasn’t wrong about her original intentions, but the point remains that Celestia had changed her mind. It didn’t matter what the intent was. At the mention of her eyes, Celestia could not help but smile and laugh. Before she could speak, Simon stood, causing her to step away from him and closer to her bag.

The words that Simon spat towards Katya burned like venom in Celestia's ears. Every breath antagonized Celestia, tortured her insides, and beckoned Him. The two discussed her death as if it were a reoccurring thought, killing those who used magic. It was at this moment that she had confirmed her suspicions of them being soldiers of Verden. No soldier of Dalen would be intimidated, or worried, about an individual harnessing magic against them. She had done nothing illegal yet, and had not allowed Him to take control over her actions. The fabric that concealed her body began to suffocate her. She wanted nothing more than to escape this camp, forget about the encounter, and continue her search.

Watching Simon duck into the tent, she quickly brought her gaze back to Katya, analyzing every twitch and breath the woman made. Straightening her posture, she raised her head to take the woman in. Katya was taller than Celestia, almost a whole three inches taller. “That is some spectacular detective work, Katya! Thank the God you hold dear, that you are a soldier of verden and not a law enforcer in Dalen. Didn't you grow up with people telling you to- what was it? Oh, yes,- 'not judge a book by its cover'.” Lowering her body swiftly, yanking up her bag, she threw the strap over her neck and let the weight settle on her side. The approach of kindness and sincerity diminished almost immediately once Simon had left. The desire to be something she wasn't, to be honest and kind, was gone. Her voice still contained a level of comfort, slick against her speech. “I am sure Simon can make his own judgment on the intent of a charity case. But on that note, I hope to offer you wise words; not in hopes that it saves your life, but his. Fear of those who use magic to survive will get you killed. Accusing people of it, will get your mangled body placed on display in the town's square for people to spit and piss on.” She took a step towards the horses, eyeing the way out of the camp.

“If you wish to search me, I would allow you, except you have no authority here,” she mocked. Celestia took another step towards the horses, a smirk pulling at the corner of her lips. Cocking her head, she scanned the facial features of Katya. The price someone would pay for a pretty head like yours, she thought. The wood in the fire cracked, and she half thought to put the flames out in rebellion of Katya's well being.

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