Are we there yet?

---- The Border Forest, nearish to Radogast, Late Afternoon, 0 DSTR ----

Gareth nodded at Ceridens last words "Of course I want to improve, thought I know it's proably not going to be easy...". So far it certainly hadn't, but no matter how hard it would be he sure would give to a try. After all, he really couldn't continue living the way he'd been before.

For what seemed as forever he kept walking next to Ceriden in silence. He kept getting more and more tired, was still not feeling too well and it was slowly beginning to get darker around them, so finally he had to ask "Where exactly are we going? Wouldn't it be better if we just made camp here or something before it becomes completely dark?". Not that he wanted to take the decision all by himself, be he really needed a break and soon.

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