Early Morning Ride

Dalen Woodland, Morning of 2 DSTR –

Despite his desire for a pure black horse Lafayette stetted for the horse Kalena pointed out. It was black with charcoal splotches. He approved the horse patting it's head then he placed a hand on either side of its head. As if to gently hold the horses head. "Who are you?" he questioned it, as if expecting a resonance. After they had a short staring contest he pulled away. "I agree that is a good name." he said aloud "This one is Whinnyfred." he made it apparent it as a pun.

As they walked the horses out Lafayette listened to them talk about tea and food. Making note that Kalena seemed to have a distaste for 'commoner' foods, though Kline seemed to very much enjoy 'energy packed' foods. Then she mentioned that he must have a defined palette. "No, no what ever you chef prepares will be fine." he told her.

As they made their way out of the forest he was a bit at a lose of why they were following a bird out. When it could be very well a trap. "How far will the ride be to town? I had a map though it didn't seem to be much help. I might have been using a older map nothing seemed to be where it said it was."

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