Silika shrugged at the idea of it being cold. Weather didn't really effect her kind the same way it did people. They could raise or lower body temperature to be comfortable and fight anywhere they needed to. How ever she lack true training and only knew what her bred in instincts told her. Since she wasn't in her home when 'the choice' was meant to happen she doesn't know her place in their army. If they still existed, or exist. She doesn't know. It has been too long for her to remember.

She watched him checking on her, and the sounds in the forest. He seemed to both hate her and want to protect her at the same time seemly wanting to do nothing more then separate from her with out the guilt of being responsible for her death. To Silika it was an odd combination of feelings. She feared what the man would do is he knew what she really was. That is if anyone knows what she is anymore. Everything had changed so much since she woke up, and fell down the mountain.

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