Jocelynn took the coin and gave the two odd loud men a key to their room. Once they were on their to the room she went back to what she was doing. Though it seemed silly she was doing some odd wood puzzle. While doing so the door opened again about 30 minutes later.

"Finally." Jocelynn said aloud, by mistake. As the two men that just came in seemed cordial. "I'm sorry that was rude. My apologies. It's been a rough few days." she explained. Pointing to the bored up window. "Dinner tonight is Spice rubbed river trout, roasted potatoes and carrots." Madam Jocelynn said. She looked past Ceriden. "If that is not to your liking I am sure I could come up with something else. It would just take sometime. I cater to my guest the best I can so long as they are willing to pay and respect the rules." Jocelynn explained, "Here is your key, just let me know when you would like to have your mean and I will prepare it for you. Food must be eaten in the dining hall. Sorry if that is an inconvenience we had an issue with people taking food to rooms and leaving it. Leaves a foul smell if it ends up behind furniture. I am sure you understand."

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