Communicating with the Natives

-Dalen Forest, East of Ragodast, 0 DSTR-

((Ooc - I made the change to the setting based off of reviewing Thierri's earlier posts. He had travelled south-southwest towards his locating Sabina, at which point Erik led him away from Sabina and Ceriden/Gareth. They are headed towards the Border, so therefore Erik brought him deeper into Dalen. Posting now lol.))

Thierri could not help but notice the movement of the wolf's ears, as if the animal could actually understand the words that he said, or at least understood the significance of speech. Furrowing his brows slightly, Thierri cast his eyes about the small area for a possible place to sit down. The thought to flee from the wolf never crossed his mind, for he had spent time with wolves on many an occasion, and anytime they turned aggressive, he had been able to defend himself. Off to his right, he saw a small rise in the ground where a fallen log had decayed away and left a small ledge.

Smirking slightly as he moved towards his newfound seat, he stepped close to the wolf's snout and foreleg. He had his gaze on the beast when in such close proximity, but his curiosity was further piqued when he noted the skeptical snort and cocking of the wolf's head. Turning to face the wolf, he sat down on the seat, raising the end of his scabbard so that it ran beside his thigh. Resting his round shield before him, he had the bottom rim against the ground with the rest leaned back to cover his shins.

Crossing his arms over his chest, he rubbed his right hand over his left bicep before bringing it to his chin and scratching gently as though in thought. Hearing his stubble pickling under his nails, he grinned slightly before speaking again, "Thanks for letting me join you, friend. Now, I smelled a herd nearby so I'm assuming you are quite full, correct? However, unless you are a particularly neat eater, I see no blood on your jowls, so I can only guess that you haven't eaten."

-Tag Wolf-

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