Readying herself for whatever life could throw at her, she placed a hand on her the handle. Right as she was twisting the glass knob, a knock rang out through the house. Releasing the handle immediately, she could hear her heartbeat speed up and blood rush to her face. No one had knocked on her door since she moved here. No one had hardly noticed the house, as the outside had no indication that whatever was on the inside could be worth a damn.

Clearing her throat, she grasped the handle once more and opened the door as calmly as she could. Her face had trace amounts of redness in the cheeks from the spike in blood pressure. Grey pools landed on the fellow just on her doorstep. Closing the door just a smidge, she placed her body in the only open space as to remove the possibility of him looking in. “Hello. I wasn’t expecting visitors.” Her history of being surrounded by those who were well educated showed within the manner she spoke. Her nose tilted up more than usual to meet his eyes.

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