Lycanthropic Lamentation.

-Dalen Forest, East of Ragodast, 0 DSTR-

Although he wasn’t sure when an invitation had been communicated, the Wolf did not protest when the armed human took a perch. He oozed confidence or, more accurately, did not signal any fear pheromones and moved in an assertive manner. It was mostly fear that triggered aggression in animal and man alike, so whilst the man’s calm, nonchalant attitude to sitting down in a forest and chatting with a large, black wolf was certainly strange, it went a long way to calming the alerted animal.

When the man spoke of food Wolf felt his stomach tighten painfully. He lamented his hunger with a dramatic half-howl, tossing his head back at the offense of the situation before slumping to the floor in defeat. His previous anger had been overridden by the shock at being spoken to.

So there blue-eyes surveyed one another, across the leaf and twig ridden ground of the Forest. And while the Wolf lay on the floor, it was obvious to the man that the animal was not relaxed. The display had been a form of communication, rather than true submission. That said, some instinctively animalistic aspect of his mind had identified this man as a Leader, causing the not-so-natural wolf to look to him for direction.

-Tag Thierri-

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